Police Car

The patrol units of the Silver Spring Township Police are the most visible division within the department. Consisting of 10 uniformed officers and four sergeants, the Patrol Division is responsible for responding to calls for service from citizens, crime prevention and traffic enforcement duties throughout Silver Spring Township. When an emergency call is placed to 911 it is usually a patrol officer who is dispatched to respond.

Traffic Stop

Each police vehicle is equipped with an onboard, mobile data computer that allows officers to perform administrative duties without having to return to the police station. This permits officers to spend more time on the streets and maintain a high public visibility. Additionally, investigative and lifesaving equipment is carried within each vehicle to provide the responding officers with the tools necessary to handle the majority of situations encountered while on patrol.

Additional duties patrol officers perform are foot patrols, sporting event security, warrant services, assisting other law enforcement agencies, and special traffic details such sobriety checkpoints and buckle-up patrols.