House Watch

The Silver Spring Township Police Department offers no-cost house checks to residents who are out-of-town. Please fill out the form below and submit it at least one (1) week prior to your departure. During your time away patrol officers may periodically perform exterior checks of your house, as time allows.

To be considered for this program the home in question may not be under construction or occupied by someone during the time that the resident is away.

Please note: This program is offered as a service to Township residents and is not a guarantee against criminal activity, fire, or acts of nature. The Township of Silver Spring and the Silver Spring Police Department are not responsible for events beyond their control.

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If pets are being left at home where in the house will they be and what are they?:

If cars are being left at home where will they be parked?

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Are you leaving lights on timer? Motion Lights?

Please list the lights, the location and the time they go on and off:

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